Allow the General Dentist in Stratford to Handle Your Cavity

One of the biggest reasons patients see their dentist outside of scheduled preventative care appointments is because they have tooth pain. Tooth pain is a primary signal there is a cavity present in a tooth. When cavities are present, a person needs to have them treated as soon as possible so damage does not continue to occur. If cavities go untreated, they will eventually cause major damages that can result in tooth necrosis. Through the General Dentist Stratford, a person’s cavity can be properly cared for so their pain is stopped.

When the general dentist in Stratford finds a patient has a cavity, they will likely perform X-rays to determine how severe the decay has become. This is a crucial step in the diagnostic process because the dentist needs to know how deep the cavity runs to decide whether or not the tooth can be saved. If the decay runs down into the root, a root canal may be needed for the tooth to be saved.

Simple cavities can be repaired through a filling process. After numbing the patient, the dentist will work to remove the decayed tooth tissue. If the decay is removed, the tooth will not continue to be damaged. Removing the damaged tooth material leaves behind openings that must be properly treated so the nerve is not exposed. The tooth is treated with a filling material to fill in the gaps that are left behind after the tooth tissue is removed.

While a filling does not cause any pain while the treatment is being carried out, a patient can feel some soreness after the procedure. The soreness is typically caused by the injections of Novocaine that are administered prior to the damaged tooth tissue being removed. This soreness typically goes away after about twenty-four hours. Over-the-counter pain medication can bring relief.

Those who are in need of dental care should visit This dentist provides an array of dental services to help people keep a healthy smile. Call the dental office today and inform them of your symptoms so you can be promptly scheduled for an appointment. Through a filling, your tooth pain can be relieved.


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