3 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When it’s necessary to extract a wisdom tooth, it pays to know what to do to ensure the empty socket heals properly. You’ll find that the right type of care will increase your chances of having an easy recovery. Put these three tips to good use and you’ll soon be over the wisdom teeth removal process in Noble Square.

Do Replace the Gauze According to the Dentist’s Instructions

At the time of the wisdom teeth removal in Noble Square, gauze will be used to cover the empty socket. This protects the area while also making it easier for the blood to clot and ensure the healing gets underway without complications. You will need to apply fresh gauze, especially later in the day when some bleeding may still be occurring. The dentist will provide guidelines for how often to change the gauze and how to do it without irritating the tender tissue in the socket.

Only Take Approved Medication for Pain

You are likely to experience some mild discomfort after the extraction. Be sure to take pain relievers that will NOT thin your blood. Doing so ensures nothing interferes with the clotting process. Your dentist will provide recommendations for over the counter products you can take safely.

Consume Soft Foods for a Couple of Days

Keeping chewing to a minimum is important for the first couple of days after the wisdom teeth removal in Noble Square. Load up on soft foods that are nutritious and tasty. Options like apple sauce, soups, puddings, mashed potatoes, and milkshakes are a few examples. After the socket is sufficiently healed, you can begin to introduce more solid foods back into your diet.

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