Consulting an Emergency Dentist in Wrigleyville for Dental Trauma

While many people visit their dentists a couple of times a year, it may be necessary to visit an emergency dentist in Wrigleyville if you sustain dental trauma. Getting your teeth knocked out or broken as well as teeth that have penetrated the soft tissues of your mouth as a result of a fall or accident are dental emergencies and need to be evaluated and treated right away. Here are some consequences of avoiding emergency dental care after a traumatic oral event.

Permanent Tissue Damage

If you sustain a severe laceration to your gum tissue after a dental traumatic event, permanent tissue damage may occur if you do not seek treatment by an emergency dentist in Wrigleyville. Traumatic gum injuries, if left untreated, may heighten your risk for scar tissue formation, persistent gingival pain, abnormal gum appearance, and tooth shifting. Furthermore, untreated lacerations of the oral soft tissues may lead to severe local and systemic infections.

Permanent Tooth Loss

If you lose teeth as a result of dental trauma, it is essential that you seek immediate care. If you are able to locate the knocked-out teeth, bring them with you to the dentist. He or she may be able to reattach them, however, the success rate for reattachment may be low if more than a half-hour or so has elapsed from the time you lost your teeth to the time you see your dentist.

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