Dental Hygiene in River North is a Must

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Dental

Visiting your dentist is more than just one more yearly requirement for your health. Dental hygiene in River North is something everyone must practice to keep his or her teeth and gums healthy. To keep your mouth at its best, you must sometimes alter the way you brush or eat and your hygienist can help you do this effectively. Without the aid of a trained professional, you risk the eventual need for dental implants, surgery, and more.

Hygiene Advice

Dental hygiene is achieved through careful cleansing and treatment done both at home and at the clinic. Your hygienist can demonstrate helpful tooth-brushing techniques to better remove plaque as well as discuss the latest hygiene products. He or she will also have extensive knowledge of the latest and best aids to clean between teeth.

Dental hygiene starts with the gums. Excessive plaque buildup due to inadequate brushing or poor brushing technique can lead to gingivitis and even gum disease. This in turn can bring about tooth decay and eventual loss. To avoid this, your hygienist might recommend certain treatments.

Treatment and Prevention

Your hygienist will help you understand what periodontal, or gum, disease is and instructs you on the best ways to achieve good oral hygiene. He or she can get you started by removing plaque and hard deposits of calculus as well as discussing ways to prevent its return. Smoking and diabetes can bring on gum disease more readily, so he or she can often discuss strategies to prevent or slow its progression.

Your hygienist will help keep your mouth clean and healthy through polishing and deep cleaning. He or she can help you change red and inflamed gums to a healthy pink, stop gums from bleeding when you brush, and even help prevent teeth from drifting in your mouth. The best way to achieve great oral health is to visit your hygienist regularly for cleanings and advice. For more information, visit Windy City Family Dental online.

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