Four Ways the Cosmetic Dentist Waukesha WI Can Improve Your Smile

Having a beautiful smile is no longer out of reach, even if a person has suffered damage or malformations. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have allowed individuals to overcome many cosmetic concerns so they can achieve the smile they have always longed for. With this information, individuals can learn which methods can be used by the Cosmetic Dentist Waukesha WI.

* One of the most popular treatments the dentist can offer is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatments can remove years of stains so the smile looks more beautiful. Whitening treatments can make the teeth as much as ten shades lighter. Whitening the teeth can help to disguise many minor cosmetic imperfections that can cause a smile to look less attractive.

* When there is a problem with missing teeth, the dentist can replace them with implants. Implants are a permanent option for replacing teeth. Once they are in place, they provide a natural-looking replacement and allow for returned normal function. This process takes place over a period of several weeks and culminates with all three pieces being placed together.

* Crowns are a common way for dentists to cover teeth that have become unsightly or are no longer structurally sound. Crowns are shaped just like human teeth and they completely cover the visible areas of the tooth so the smile looks much more attractive. Crowns may be placed in the front or back of the smile and can last up to fifteen years, depending on how they are cared for.

* Veneers are also an option that can be offered by the Cosmetic Dentist Waukesha WI. Veneers can be made of porcelain or a composite material, with porcelain being the most durable and natural looking. These are applied to the outside of the teeth to completely shield them so the smile is made attractive.

Many individuals end up having more than one procedure so their smile can be made whole. A consultation appointment will allow individuals to learn more about their options so they can make a sound decision. If you would like to schedule your consultation to get started, contact Pewaukee Dental right away. They will help you make a decision on which procedure will be most beneficial.


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