Improve Your Smile With Clear Braces for Adults in New Berlin, WI

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Dental

Many adults choose to get braces to improve their smile and feel more confident about their appearance. It’s more than a cosmetic concern; crooked and misaligned teeth can cause a variety of problems. You may have difficulty chewing or speaking, and it can be harder to clean between teeth and maintain your oral health.

Clear Braces

While you’re probably familiar with traditional metal braces, there are an array of alternatives, including less noticeable clear braces. The material blends with the natural color of your teeth and the device can work with difficult orthodontic issues. Your orthodontist near New Berlin can help you decide if clear braces fit your dental needs, goals and budget.

What to Expect

Your orthodontist will apply brackets to the front of your teeth. After adding archwires, bands will be used to hold the wires in place. You’ll have regular checkups for adjustments and to evaluate your progress. Often, checkups are needed every four to six weeks, and treatment can take 18 months or longer.

How Does Treatment Work

With a small amount of pressure, your teeth can be moved into better alignment. After x-rays and evaluation, your orthodontist near New Berlin will determine which teeth can be used as anchors for your braces. Your teeth will be moved in increments, and time is allowed for the bone around your teeth to adjust.

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