Modern Dentistry for Attractive & Functional Teeth

The majority of dentists are well-aware of the anxiety many patients feel when they have to go to their offices. However, some of this anxiety may be able to be eliminated if patients understand that going to the dentist was really no big deal. In fact, there are a number of modern dentistry procedures used in West Plano that actually help a person’s teeth look more attractive and be more functional.

What Causes Unhealthy Teeth

The healthiest teeth are the ones that are clean and whole. Another factor that determines the health of a tooth is how white it is. However, there are some situations where excessive fluoride, caffeine and nicotine discolor the teeth, making them look unattractive. Thanks to modern dentistry in West Plano, these issues can be fixed.

Modern Fixes for Unhealthy Teeth

If the discoloration of the teeth is accompanied with serious deterioration in the composition of the teeth, then the dentist may need to apply a porcelain crown. These caps are fitted onto the teeth to help them appear clean, white and whole. Also, the hardness of these crows will help to protect the teeth from any type of infection.

If your teeth aren’t healthy enough for crowns, or if they are too sensitive for the bleaching products, then there are other options provided by modern dentistry in West Plano. For example, a dentist can provide composite bonding, which helps to reshape cracked or damaged teeth. This composite can also protect the tooth it is applied to from additional wear and tear.

As you can see, modern dentistry has quite a bit to offer. The procedures are better suited to the needs and desires of the modern person and the procedures are less invasive than they were in the past. To learn more about these procedures, visit the Shifa Dental website.


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