Orthodontics Keep Your Smile Healthy

Having healthy teeth includes proper jaw alignment and straight teeth. One of the main reasons why crooked teeth are bad for your oral health is due to the fact that they are nearly im American Association of Orthodontists possible to maintain and clean. Crooked teeth allow for greater growth of tooth decay which leads to gum disease and eventually tooth loss. Orthodontic conditions can also cause wearing of teeth, excessive stress on your gum tissue, an inefficient chewing function and loss of bone support as well as misaligned jaw joints. While some people turn to orthodontists in Saskatoon area for cosmetic reasons, most people require teeth straightening to correct and create a functional bite component.

Avoid Oral Health Issues

When you seek care from an orthodontist you can avoid oral health issues that could become painful and costly in the future. Orthodontics are available for adults and children. In fact, it is a good idea to have your children screened for orthodontic concerns by the age of seven, which is approved by the American Association of Orthodontists. This will help to determine the best time for orthodontic treatment and allows an orthodontist to help guide jaw growth, as well as the eruption of permanent teeth that are incoming.

Teens and Adults Need Orthodontics

Orthodontics are perfect for people of all ages. Late teens and adults tend to appreciate orthodontic benefits that give them an attractive smile. They can help to place teeth in a better position for other types of dental work too. New technology even gives dental patients the option of using clear aligners such as Invisalign. This is an aesthetic option that gives adults the chance to have their teeth straightened without having a mouth full of metal. Invisible aligners are comfortable and make it easy to eat, brush and floss your teeth making them a great, hygienic teeth-straightening option.


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