Root Canal in Baltimore, MD Preserves Patients’ Teeth

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Dentistry

When root canal in Baltimore, MD is recommended, it is done to preserve the teeth of patients who are suffering from an infection of the nerve or pulp of a tooth. During this kind of procedure, a dentist uses a drill to remove the pulp and nerve and seal the tooth to safeguard it from further damage. Only a dentist can assess whether you need this form of endodontic treatment.

Pain Is the Most Common Symptom

The most common symptom associated with root canals is tooth pain. The intensity of this kind of pain can range from mild to severe. Also, the pain may intensify or lessen during your daily activities or it may worsen whenever you bite down with the affected tooth. In some cases, a patient may experience prolonged sensitivity to liquids or hot foods. The gums may also feel swollen or tender close to the problem tooth.

Contact Your Dentist Immediately

If you notice this type of symptomatology, contact a Baltimore root canal dentist immediately. When you come in for the appointment, the dentist will take x-rays of the tooth and examine it. After the exam, the dentist will advise you on a planned course of treatment. Depending on the origin of the problem, your dentist may either suggest root canal therapy or another treatment approach.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Important

Again, only a dentist can diagnose and suggest root canals to patients. Regardless of the outcome, contact and advise your dentist without delay if you are experiencing tenderness and swelling of the gums as well as tooth pain. The sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner you can ameliorate and take care of the dental issue. If you are interested in preserving your smile, then root canal therapy cannot be overlooked. Take control of your dental health by contacting a dentist today.

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