Tips for Caring for Your Oral Health From the Dentists in Orland Hills IL

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Dentistry

Most people are concerned about their oral health and want to do all they can to keep their teeth and gums strong and free of disease. To ensure your dental health is at its best, you need to make sure you are proactive in your care and do your part. Your Thomas P. Germino D.D.S. Dentists in Orland Hills IL also play a big part in keeping your smile healthy. These tips can assist you in carrying out the tasks needed to provide care for your smile.

What are the Best Ways to Care for Your Smile?

  • Brushing is something everyone does, but not everyone knows the proper technique. You should brush your teeth after each meal or at least at morning and night before you go to bed. Never use vertical motions when brushing your teeth, as this can push plaque under your gum tissue and cause gingivitis. Instead, you should use gentle horizontal motions to clean your teeth.
  • Flossing is extremely important for the health of your smile, but many people neglect this task. If you find flossing to be cumbersome, there are floss tools you can purchase that make the job easier. Flossing removes plaque between your teeth, where they are most vulnerable to developing cavities.
  • Fluoride mouth rinses should be an integral part of your oral health care regime. These rinses help to strengthen the enamel of your teeth, so it is less likely to be damaged. These rinses often contain antibacterial agents that can help to keep your mouth free of germs.
  • A healthy diet is also crucial to good oral health. If you eat a wide range of healthy fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, your teeth and gums will thank you. You should choose healthy greens, loaded with vitamin D, to keep your teeth strong.

For more information on caring for your teeth, contact the Dentists in Orland Hills IL. Visit  and find out how they can assist you in caring for your smile. Their caring staff can provide you with all of the dental services you need, to ensure your smile stays healthy and beautiful.

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