Trust Your Smile To The Professionals At Orthodontics Park Ridge

While crooked teeth might be cute for a youngster, it’s not nearly as widely accepted once you’ve become aware of your appearance. Everyone wants a nice smile, but crooked teeth or an overbite need the help of dental professionals to really make a difference. Fortunately, the Orthodontics Park Ridge dentists are ready to assist patients with a wide array of orthodontic treatments.

Many people are familiar with the most common conventional braces, where metal brackets are adhered to teeth, then a wire is placed to gradually achieve optimal alignment. These brackets are smaller than previous types of brackets, making them easier to keep clean, but they remain strong and durable, and an ideal choice for children through adults. There is also a clear bracket option, where the bracket is actually transparent rather than tooth-colored, so they appear nearly invisible.

Orthodontics Park Ridge and a North Shore Center of Dental Health also offer lingual braces, where the brackets are fitted behind the teeth, offering a discreet yet highly successful option. The wearer enjoys the benefit of being able to smile without being self-conscious, while still having their teeth brought back to ideal alignment. The brackets are slightly different in that they are molded to the specific shape of the back of each tooth, allowing for the best possible fit and end result.

For patients with milder orthodontic conditions, a very popular option is the Invisalign system, which utilizes clear, removable aligners that are custom molded to the wearers teeth. These offer the convenience of easy removal for eating, brushing and flossing, and boast a high rate of satisfaction and clinical outcomes among patients as well as the dental community. Many patients enjoy the discreet and user-friendly features, and the duration of treatment and cost is comparable to, or at times even less than that of traditional bracket braces.

After the braces come off, alignment must be maintained. so there may be the need to wear a retainer, which may be fixed or removable, depending on the treatment plan for each individual patient. The dental professionals at your North Shore Center Of Dental Health are excellent resources for information and advice, and can further assist you with your goal of having straighter teeth and a much better looking smile.


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