A Children’s Dentist in North Royalton, OH Establishes Good Dental Habits Early

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Dentist

Many parents believe that they can just take their toddlers to a family dentist. What they might not realize is that a Children’s Dentist North Royalton OH does much more than just have pretty colors on the wall. A pediatric dentist must take two additional years of school dedicated to treating small children. While there are many dental techniques that are specific to children, the dentist must also learn about the psychological stages of a child’s development as well. Understanding a child’s state of mind allows a dentist explain procedures at the right level and comfort an anxious or frightened child.

A dentist for children North Royalton OH educates both the child and parents about the importance of early dental care. The first step is to understand that baby teeth are very important to long-term dental health. If baby teeth fall out too early the child’s jaw may not develop properly. A child might have to have a spacer inserted if one of their teeth is injured or needs to be extracted. Crooked baby teeth can lead to costly orthodontics several years later.

Normally, the toddler years are devoted to learning good dental habits. The child learns the importance of brushing and flossing. The dentist and parents may make a game of it, but establishing the routine of brushing on a regular basis will become a life-long habit that leads to good dental health. Even infants should have their gum pads cleaned. Of course the parent is responsible for this. They just take a clean piece of dry gauze and gently wipe the gum area and teeth as they emerge. As the child becomes older and develops manual dexterity, the parent can let them take on more of the brushing task.

Once adult teeth begin to emerge the children’s dentist North Royalton, OH takes steps to protect them. Fluoride treatments are the first step. It can either be applied directly to the tooth or eaten as a supplement. It strengthens the enamel and protects against decay. When the rear molars emerge the dentist will treat them with a sealant. This coating seeps into the cracks and prevents decay from establishing itself in them. Dr. Arlene J. Coloma DDS., MS., is a children’s dentist providing preventive dental procedures and early identification and diagnosis maintaining your child’s oral health in North Royalton, OH.

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