A Primer on the Dangers of Tooth Decay

Dentists in Lubbock, Texas are not strangers to tooth decay. That isn’t to say that they suffer from it themselves but rather that they see it on a daily basis. It is the most common problem that afflicts people in terms of oral hygiene and due to its degenerative nature can produce a lot of problems if it is ignored.

Understanding what causes tooth decay can be a helpful way to take steps towards its prevention. There are basically two habits that lead to tooth decay and cavities. The first is the kinds of choices you make in terms of what you eat, and the second is the kinds of choices you make in regard to oral hygiene.

Candy and soft drinks are probably the most ubiquitous causes of tooth decay in terms of eating habits. Other foods are less obvious but are not great for the teeth and also concern dentists. Lubbock residents who eat a lot of processed food with high amounts of starch when left unattended on the teeth can also attract bacteria and lead to oral degradation. The bacteria that consume the remnants of sugars and starches that are left on the teeth produce acids that cause dental damage and lead to plaque. It’s important to foster a healthy diet that includes the nutrients and minerals that your body needs. All dentists in Lubbock would likely tell you that you should also really limit the foods you consume that are high in sugar, especially soft drinks that are carbonated.

Proper oral hygiene is also important in fighting tooth decay. Most dentists recommend brushing two times daily – in the morning and in the evening – using toothpaste that contains fluoride. Taking a few minutes to floss is also necessary, and not optional, for proper oral hygiene. Visiting your dentist on a regular schedule for cleanings should also be considered as an aspect of oral hygiene and never be neglected.

The way that tooth decay is treated by dentists in Lubbock depends on the severity of the damage. If it hasn’t penetrated the nerve, then the decay can be extracted and the tooth can be cleaned and repaired. Various methods of filling a cavity are available to dental patients depending on the location of the tooth and other factors. If the decay has penetrated the nerve, then a root canal may need to be performed in order to save it. In some cases, tooth decay can be so severe that it is impossible to save the tooth, and in these instances the tooth itself may be extracted.



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