Advances in Dentistry Make Better Visits

by | May 13, 2013 | Dentist

Many people dread going to the dentist. This hesitation or fear usually comes from a childhood incident at the Dentist Scottsdale AZ that caused them pain. Many times this incident involves the dreaded drill. Thankfully, the dentist industry has changed.

Like most areas of medically related treatments, the dentist industry has evolved and updated. You may still have to go stand in a room with a large, heavy lead coat with those awkward cards stuffed into your cheeks so that the technician can take several pictures of your mouth while you hold still but the images will most likely be digital now. This type of imaging will allow the dentist to rotate the image and zoom in and out for a better view of your teeth. Using this type of technology can make it easier to compare films from previous visits or pre-treatments.

Being numbed up for a procedure used to involve a huge needle that the dentist injected into the gums and surrounding areas. The needle was long, sharp and scary looking even before you would feel a small pinch or a large poke as the medicine was injected. A new advance in technology has allowed for a q-tip sized brush to be applied to a tooth to numb the area. This new tool is generally referred to as “The Wand” and slowly and gently applies the numbing medicines to the patient.

Further advancements include air abrasion and water pressure tools or instead of the scraping and scratching instruments. The air tools and water abrasion cleaning instruments are quieter and not as intimidating. For most applications, the newer tools are more accurate and less painful. Sedation dentistry is another new trend in the industry. Patients that are too nervous or scared to comfortably go to the dentist can be lightly sedated at these locations so that there is less fear involved in their procedure. Less fear will make for a more pleasant visit. Calling ahead to speak with the staff at Feldhake & Associates can answer all the questions that you might have about your visit. When calling a new dentist, ask about the tools and techniques they use and find out if they have the newer technologies that will make the visits more comfortable.

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