An Apache Junction Dental Healthcare Provider Can Do More Than Just Polish Your Teeth!

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Dental care

You may be surprised to know that a dentist is not just for keeping your pearly whites healthy and glowing. Regular visits to your Apache Junction dental healthcare provider helps stop a number of other health problems from escalating. In fact, maintaining healthy teeth and gums can also help you avoid various health issues. Here is how and why:

Marker of the State of General Health 

Remember that mouth, teeth, gums and tongue are the external markers of your overall health. Since you are what you eat, and you eat through your mouth, it turns into a snapshot of what’s going on inside the rest of your body. The state of your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue can easily tell if you are suffering from anemia or a vitamin or trace element deficiency.

A lot of viral and bacterial infections start out from the mouth and move on to the rest of your body. The mucous membranes and tongue can give a clear indication of whether you are suffering from dehydration. A good Apache Junction dental healthcare provider can pinpoint all these problems and set you on the road to better health.

Predicting Head and Neck Cancer in Smokers

An experienced Apache Junction dental healthcare provider can screen you for a deadly diseases, like cancer, by detecting lesions in your mouth, neck, and tongue. These are usually early signs of cancerous development in people who smoke or drink heavily. This early detection can help you seek timely treatment and can prove to be a life saving visit to the dentist.

Picking on Cardiovascular Problems

You probably know that poor dental hygiene and plaque buildup lead to periodontal disease. But did you know that the systemic development of bacterial infection due to periodontal disease can trigger a heart attack or pneumonia? A regular visit to the dentist could save you from a number of health issues which seem to have nothing to do with oral health. So disregarding your dentist’s advice or taking oral health for granted is not a very bright idea and could end-up costing you much more than what you thought you were saving in pain and money. These are just some of the problems your oral health could help pinpoint, visiting your dentist regularly could turn out to be even more informative.

The Las Sendas Dental Health clinic is a place where you will find a dentist experienced enough to pick not just these health problems, but a lot more other health issues as well. So contact the best Apache Junction dental healthcare provider, The Las Sendas Dental Health clinic and hope for the best.

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