Benefits of Whiter Teeth

If your teeth have become yellowed from the natural aging process, then you can have teeth whitening in Chesterfield, Mo. The cheaply made teeth-whitening kits at local stores are ineffective for removing stains. The molds aren’t customized for holding the gel against each surface of a tooth, leaving stains on certain areas. In addition, the whitening gels can harm your gums or other soft tissues inside your mouth, leading to discomfort. When you have restorations, the whitening chemicals can erode the crowns or veneers. The best way to get your teeth whitened is by visiting a knowledgeable dentist.

Protecting Dental Restorations

Before your teeth are whitened, our dentist will perform an examination to ensure that you don’t have any cavities or gum disease. Having these problems can make it impossible to undergo teeth whitening in Chesterfield until our dentist fills the cavities and treats the gingivitis. Our dentist can also cover your dental restorations to protect the items from the damages of the whitening chemicals. When your teeth are whitened, our hygienist will prepare your mouth by placing small plastic devices in your oral cavity to collect the chemicals and saliva. Our dentist will apply the whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide onto each tooth, making sure to reach the spaces between the teeth.

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After your teeth are covered with the whitening solution, water is injected into your mouth to create a chemical reaction, and our dentist can use a cool laser light to reduce the treatment time. In less than an hour, you are able to rinse the chemicals from your mouth, and you will notice that your teeth are several shades lighter. To learn more about our dental care services at Chesterfield Family Dentistry: Jonathan W. Silva DDS, visit our website.


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