Cosmetic Dentists in Roseburg OR Make Dental Crowns in One Visit

When the top portion of a tooth is severely damaged, Cosmetic Dentists Roseburg OR recommend that it be stabilized and protected by a dental crown. The crown is designed and fitted for each tooth and is made from a durable ceramic material. Crowns have been used for this purpose for many years. Traditional porcelain crowns took three visits over three weeks to be completed. New computer and milling technologies now make it possible for a dentist to complete the entire process in one visit.

Both methods require that a dentist prepare the tooth for the crown. The first step is to remove any decay. The dentist then uses a drill to shape the tooth into a smooth block that will fit under the crown. If there is very little left of the tooth, he uses gold posts and composite material to build up the area. This is where the similarities end.

Instead of taking an impression of the upper and lower jaws, Cosmetic Dentists Roseburg OR sprinkle reflective dust on the area and take a digital picture. A wand with a camera at the end is used. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t take very long. Most patients prefer it to having to having a tray filled with gel in their mouth for several minutes. The dentist also takes a digital picture of the same tooth on the other side of the patient’s mouth to ensure they match. To know more, click here.

The digital information is then transmitted to the milling machine. A block of ceramic material that closely matches the patient’s tooth enamel is placed in the machine. The computer then creates the perfect ceramic crown. This process takes about five minutes. The fit is checked for comfort and accuracy. While the crown is in the patient’s mouth, the dentist checks it’s visual appearance. If necessary, he can use a variety of stains and glazes to color the crown to match the surrounding teeth.

Patients who would like to learn more about same day crowns can call Wilson Family Dental in Roseburg OR for an appointment. They’ll be happy to learn that studies show that ceramic crowns created in one day are just as good as traditional porcelain crowns.


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