Create a Beautiful Smile Using an Expert Dentist in Spring

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Dentistry

A toothache is one of the worst pains that a person can experience. The sad thing is, most toothaches can be avoided with responsible oral care and regular visits to a Dentist In Spring. The dentist will check the condition of the teeth, determine if any procedures are necessary and make whatever repairs are required to improve the way the teeth look and function. The end result will be a beautiful smile with a fully functional set of teeth.

People visit a Dentist In Spring for a variety of reasons including cosmetic ones. Cosmetic dentistry is a group of procedures that improve the look of the teeth or the appearance of the smile. One of the most requested cosmetic procedures is dental whitening. This simple process uses a gel or paste made from carbamide peroxide, usually about a fifteen percent solution. This paste is placed over the teeth and water is introduced into the mouth. The water causes the carbamide solution to convert into hydrogen peroxide which begins the cleaning process.

Not all dental procedures are that simple. Consider the case of a tooth extraction. Once the tooth is gone, there is a gap that must be filled. In the case of a single tooth there is only one realistic option, a dental implant. This procedure uses an inert material such as titanium to create an artificial root to anchor a crown in place. The crown fills the gap which solves the problem of shifting teeth and restores the function of the lost one. Visit website for more details.

Another useful procedure is the application of veneers. This is a thin porcelain shell designed to cover the front or visible portion of the teeth. The purpose of the veneer is to cover a variety of problems including stains, uneven teeth, gaps in the teeth, crooked teeth or chipped ones. Modern veneers are very thin which makes their application quite easy. Most installations can be done in one or two visits and the veneer can be removed if required. This is a vast improvement over older methods that required a lot of filings to make veneers fit in place. Discover more dental possibilities by contacting the experts at Gentle Dental Care.

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