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By the time a person is in his or her late teens, the third molars may erupt. The third molars are commonly called wisdom teeth. In some people, the wisdom teeth may grow in and have plenty of space to function properly without disturbing their neighbors. However, most people in the United States have a jaw that’s too small to accommodate the third molar in each quadrant of the mouth. If you have had orthodontic work, you may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted to prevent them from shifting your other teeth out of their proper alignment.

We offer wisdom teeth removal in Wrigleyville. Our services include several different pain relief options. We understand that many people are apprehensive about tooth extraction and oral surgery for impacted wisdom teeth. We offer nitrous oxide, light sedation and deep sedation to help relax you and make you feel more comfortable during the process. We can extract one, or up to all four wisdom teeth in a single visit. If you prefer to have one tooth extracted at a a time, we can accommodate that, too.

In our office, patient safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our patient care areas are clean and comfortable. We will check in with you about how you are doing. If you need more sedation or pain relief, we will administer it. After your wisdom teeth removal, we will advise your driver or responsible person on how to help keep you comfortable at home. Our patients find that the process of wisdom teeth extraction goes smoothly and that they have minimal oral discomfort.

When you need wisdom teeth removal in Wrigleyville, contact us at North Halsted Smiles. You can also learn more about wisdom teeth removal by visiting our website,


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