Dental implants can change your smile and your outlook on life

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Dental care

If you have teeth missing; front or back, top or bottom, you might want to seriously consider dental implants rather than deal with traditional dentures or bridges. Implant dentistry in Calgary is a common dental procedure that improves your smile, improves your quality of life as well as maintains your facial appearance which tends to change when there are teeth missing.

Everyone tends to equate a beautiful smile with success and fashion. A beautiful smile also sends out a subtle message that you are in good health, educated and successful. If a tooth is missing in the back of the mouth it may not be a major concern because it is not visible, just because it is not visible does not mean it does not matter, it does.

Why implants?  When the oral cavity is missing a tooth, there is an impact on the facial structure. As the gum shrinks, there is a tendency for the face to appear aged as the cheek caves inward. Some people may turn to cosmetic surgery but there are far better options available. A dental solution is permanent, an implanted tooth does not let the face cave in and no amount of cosmetic surgery can improve one’s ability to eat and speak properly.

The benefits of Dental Implants Dayton: The truth is, missing teeth are detrimental not only to a person’s appearance but missing teeth are also detrimental to one’s overall health. When a tooth is lost to trauma or decay, the teeth on either side take advantage of this and over time they will migrate towards the space. When you decide on implant dentistry in Boston, this cannot happen, the implanted tooth fills the space left from the loss of the natural tooth, thus stopping any movement and the jaw bone will regenerate itself.

When a tooth is lost the result is a decrease in the bone making up the jaw, the result is skin that appears to sag. Because there is loss of the muscle, the jawbone resorbs; when a dental implant is positioned the muscle regains its strength and the bone revitalizes itself. As this happens, the skin of the cheek tightens.

There are many cases where the solution is a dental implant but the individual turns to solutions which are not permanent, they only cover up the problem, the solution does not correct it. There is a mistaken belief that collagen injections to the lips will solve the problem of sagging skin, it doesn’t. Other people turn to plastic surgery, this rarely works either. The only true solution is to undergo implant surgery in Calgary.

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