Dental Implants in Baltimore, MD: Proof that Dental Science has Advanced so Much Throughout the Years

A full set of beautiful teeth is attainable for those with multiple missing teeth. Dental Implants in Baltimore MD, can replace a whole row of missing teeth. Dental patients are glad they don’t have to be subjected to the hassle of dentures with the option for implants. Implants are much different from dentures in that they are permanently adhered to the tooth root. A set of dental appliances are used with one simulating natural tooth roots to secure artificial teeth in the mouth. Dentures, on the other hand, are removable fixtures that are manually placed in the mouth. A frequent complaint about dentures is that they loosen and even detach from the gums. Dentures need special products to keep them clean and are not as durable as Dental Implants in Baltimore MD.

Dental implants look, feel, and are cared for just like natural teeth. They restore problems that come with missing teeth like difficulty speaking, eating, and bone loss in the jaw. Patients should choose dentists with training and experience performing the implant procedure. This is what should be expected during the transformation process of a smile. There are a few steps involved that may take several months. The implant is fixed to the jawbone under the gums to be the base of the appliance. The gums are sutured while the post to hold the teeth fuse to the tooth bonds to the jaw. Transitory crowns are placed over the posts so the patient can eat and speak properly while the gums are healing. The healing process accounts for most of the waiting period. A second piece for the base of the implant is attached where the new tooth is applied. The artificial teeth are made of porcelain or other ceramic materials to be secured to the posts.

Patients have a healthy smile that feels vital and new after getting dental implants. They can last for life with disciplined oral care. They are indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel. Dentures manufactured for patients in the distant past were easily identified. This is because the materials they were made from were of much lower quality. Dentures simply looked fake when they were first put on the market many years ago. The science of dentistry has improved since then, with dental implants being proof of such accomplishments. Please click here to get more info.


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