Dental Implants Procedure

There are a lot of causes for tooth loss. Decay, accidents, weakened teeth – even genetics can play a part in losing teeth. Once the tooth is gone, what choices do you have? Well, you can replace it with a bridge. If there are multiple missing teeth you could opt for dentures. However, today there is a much more permanent solution – implants.

Dental implants in Glenview will give you what you need – a permanent solution to your missing teeth. Implants are designed to fit securely in place. Once they are screwed in they are permanent. You can chew, talk and even exercise without fear of your teeth coming loose and possible falling out of your mouth.

A dental implant is just that, an implant. A titanium screw is placed into the bone where the tooth roots once were. The bone will adhere to the screw. Once the bonding has been completed, the crown is placed onto the screw by via a support post. Since the crown looks like your original tooth, only you will know it is an implant. More importantly, the implant will perform like your own tooth.

This options is also better for your other teeth. There is no need to anchor to healthy teeth, thereby compromising their integrity. The implant can be placed without damaging other teeth. If you need a full set of teeth, four simple implants can be placed to anchor the whole set permanently into place.

Another plus of implants is there is no need for adhesives or removing them for cleaning at night. With proper care, your new implants can last for years. Today, missing teeth can be fixed permanently.

For dental implants in Glenview, give us a call or visit us at Dental Specialist of North Shore for a consultation.


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