Dental Tools You Need to Use Every Day

Any dentist in Northridge can tell you that most of their patients are under the impression that simply brushing their teeth every day is enough to keep their smile cavity free, white, and bright. As a result, many of them end up with dental decay and gum disease that has to be treated before they lose their teeth. In reality, there are a few dental tools that you need to use every day in order to keep tooth decay away and your smile brilliantly white.

Dental Floss
While your dentist in Northridge tells you on a regular basis that you need to floss as well as brush, many patients fail to floss on a daily basis. Dental floss takes care of the food particles stuck between your teeth that your toothbrush doesn’t catch. Flossing reduces your chance of having a cavity and suffering from gum disease quite a bit.

Use Mouthwash
While mouthwash is commonly used to make your breath smell fresh and clean, it serves other purposes as well. It also reduces the chance that you will have tooth decay and contract gingivitis as well. Make sure that you check the ingredients on the mouthwash however, as some contain stuff that is only cosmetic and doesn’t fight tooth decay and gum disease. Remember, to use mouthwash right after you floss for the best results.

Use an Oral Irrigator
These aren’t only for the dentist to use anymore. You can purchase them yourself and use the powerful streams of water to remove particles of food and bacteria from your teeth.

Combined with regular checkups with your dentist and great oral hygiene, using these dental tools every day will help to ensure that you have solid, healthy teeth as you age. For more information on dental tools and the dentist in Northridge, contact the professional offices of Northridge Dental Works for an appointment.

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