Dentist in Plainfield – Some Facts About Tooth Whitening

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Dentist

Tooth whitening is a very common treatment provided by dentists, including those living in Plainfield. There is not a single method used for this purpose, so you have to choose among a variety. Only a dentist can tell you, if you need it or not, as sometimes teeth have only stains which if removed they become white. So, everybody does not need it, especially there are certain conditions in which this is not required, as if you have veneers or had a treatment of white filling. In such states whitening chemicals like hydrogen peroxide is useless, because it cannot get back the original tooth color. But, those who don’t consider this may have two tone teeth due to a mismatch treatment.

Similarly, a whitening treatment does not affect those teeth which have been root canalled. Same happens to teeth which are stained internally. However, using an option of internal whitening it is possible to have white teeth. Moreover, those teeth which originally have brown or grey tone cannot have tooth whitening treatment, because the result will not be as desired. So, the best result can be obtained on yellow teeth only.

Women who are pregnant should not get this treatment as it can harm the child, and so far the experts have not done extensive research in this regard. Similarly, those whose teeth are extremely sensitive should avoid tooth whitening treatment, because it can worsen the situation. Children should also be protected from such treatments, as their teeth are going through a natural process. A dentist in Plainfield should give a detailed knowledge to the patients about whitening.

Various ways of teeth whitening

It depends on the condition of teeth like how yellow they are. Teeth need to be treated for whitening, when the lower teeth layer shows off crossing the upper layer known as enamel. The lower layer can be brown, black or grey as well, so in fact lower layer is whitened using a solution known as peroxide which enters lower layer through the pores being created in enamel layer. Peroxide will gradually make the dentin color light causing white teeth.

But, the patient should be realistic while getting this treatment as sometimes you have to go through many treatments before getting a final state. Moreover, the result cannot be permanent as you will again get stains after eating various types of foods. This is especially true about those who smoke a lot, or eat tobacco in various ways. After getting the treatment the patient should clean the teeth on regular basis using brush or by flossing. Besides, regular visits to a dentist are also mandatory for cleaning. Everything actually varies from person to person, and same is true about the final results.

There are various tooth whitening products which are selected according to the patient, and only a dentist can see what suits that specific person. Some of the products are professionally used in a dentist’s office, whereas some can be taken home, similarly over the counter products are also available. You can get more details from your dentist in Plainfield.

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