Dentists in Southington, CT – FAQ about Laser Dentistry

The medical industry has relied on laser technology for many years and now, dentists in Southington, CT are taking advantage of lasers, too. As the dental industry continues to grow, more and more people are considering laser dentistry for a pain-free treatment. The great thing about this service from dentists in Southington, CT is that laser dentistry can be used for a number of treatments. Procedures can be completed swiftly and without errors when laser dentistry is used, therefore if you are preparing to visit your dentists in Southington, CT, you should seriously consider learning more about this form of dentistry.

How Are Lasers Used in Dentistry?

Dental lasers are used in three different stages. When dentists in Southington, CT diagnose diseases, complete hard tissue procedures and soft tissue procedures, this technique will be used. Disease diagnosis may be related to mouth problems such as gum disease, dry mouth, oral cancer and gingivitis, to name a few. Hard tissue procedures will generally target the tooth enamel and bone, whereas soft tissue procedures will target areas of the mouth such as the lips, the tongue and the gums. The dentist will decide when it is necessary to introduce laser dentistry into their work.

How safe is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers have been practiced in the medical industry for a long time, meaning that dentists are now able to use the highest form of technology to ensure each procedure is completed safely. Because lasers have FDA approval, which proves how safe they are, dentists in Southington, CT can perform laser dentistry with confidence. In fact, many dentists recommend this form of dentistry because patients will experience minimal discomfort and there is less need for the removal of mouth tissue. Most patients prefer laser dentistry to standard types of dentistry because there is much less bleeding when complicated procedures are carried out.

What is Laser Dentistry Used for?

If you visit dentists in Southington, CT for a checkup and discover that you have a mouth problem that needs treating, it is highly likely that laser dentistry will be a possible form of treatment. The reason for this is because laser lights are versatile for use in a number of different procedures. Lasers can be used to complete fillings without the need for uncomfortable injections. In addition to this they can be used in pediatric dentistry, root canal treatments, gum disease treatments, desensitizing teeth, veneer preparation, invasive dentistry, crown lengthening, implant surgery, veneer removal and much more. This precise technology promises satisfactory results, so if you fear pain and want your next dental treatment to be pain-free; this is the option for you.

If you are planning to get veneers fitted to disguise cracked teeth, be sure to ask dentists in Southington, CT about the possibility of getting laser dentistry. To find out more about laser dentistry and to view a wide range of cosmetic procedures, visit You can also visit them on Facebook.


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