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by | Jul 24, 2018 | Dental

Many people care about how their smile looks and for a good reason too! Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, so making sure it looks the way you want it to is important. Aside from practicing good oral hygiene, many people turn to cosmetic dentistry to help perfect their smiles. There are lots of different types of cosmetic dentistry in today’s world. From teeth whitening procedures and Invisalign to dental implants and veneers, cosmetic dentistry has a solution to achieve almost any aesthetic goal for your smile. Here’s a breakdown of common cosmetic dental procedures.


If you’ve lost a tooth or many teeth, a good fix would be to invest in dentures. Dentures are fixtures that can be permanent or removable and are put into place to fill in any gaps or missing teeth from your smile. Often, people have to get a whole row of teeth removed because of dental decay. So, the decaying teeth are removed and in place of them, dentures are put in. Dentures also help patients to be able to chew better, as well as aid them in speaking more clearly.


Invisalign is a great choice for those individuals who want to straighten their smile and fill in gaps, but don’t want to deal with having metal braces in their mouth. Many adults and older teens turn to this procedure because it’s less noticeable than braces. The process consists of having custom alignment trays that you wear in your mouth. These clear trays are designed especially for your teeth and change in size every week. Slowly but surely, your smile straightens out and you’re left with perfect teeth at the end of it. Ask your dentist in Cary, IL what your options are for cosmetic dentistry.

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