Do You Want Veneers in Keizer, OR?

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Dentistry

A beautiful, healthy smile can go a long way towards making a great impression. This is particularly important when you have an important meeting, such as a job interview, or when your career is in an industry where your image matters quite a bit, such as sales. If your smile is less than perfect, you still have several different options available that can help you change your smile into that dazzling and beautiful one that you have always wanted. For example, have you ever considered getting veneers in Keizer OR? That may be just the solution that you need, if you do not require braces and have relatively minor flaws that you are wanting to correct. Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure, designed to primarily improve the appearance of your smile.

There are many different reasons that you might be interested in getting veneers in Keizer OR. If you have a cracked tooth, for example, veneers in Keizer OR may be the perfect solution. A dentist can create a veneer for that one tooth, and even match the color of the veneer to the rest of your teeth. That way no one will even know that there is a difference in that one tooth. Then you will have your perfect smile. Perhaps you have a few damaged teeth. Or some of your teeth have worn sides, creating gaps that you never had before.

The process is fairly simple, but it does take a few visits to the dentist’s office to complete. First, your dentist will need to take molds of your teeth. The veneers in Keizer OR are manufactured elsewhere and then shipped to your dentist’s office. If there are any minor adjustments that need to be made, the dentist can do that as they are attaching the veneers to your teeth. Whether you need one or two teeth or want to have your entire smile redone, you have that option. If they are done properly and then taken care of as they should be, veneers can last up to a decade. That is ten years of a beautiful and perfect smile.

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