Early Pediatric Dentistry in Haymarket, VA is Essential

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Dental care

It is important that dental care begin in early childhood. Many parents prefer to take their children to visit pediatric dentists. These are dental professionals who are specially trained to work with children, from infants to teenagers. A pediatric dentist understands how children’s mouths develop, and regular care will help them to be able to prevent children from having dental problems in childhood and later on in life. While some people say that it is not necessary to take a child to the dentist until after all of their baby teeth have come in, others recommend that the first visit be as soon as the first tooth is cut.

Pediatric dentistry in Haymarket, VA involves regular checkups, at least once each year from the time children start getting their teeth. During the visits, there will be an examination of the teeth as well as the gums. The dentist will also talk with parents and children about proper oral hygiene and how important it is to brush and floss teeth regularly. There are several benefits to early dental care, including:

Early detection is the key to successfully treating many dental issues, including gum disease. When children have regular dental visits, their dentists can identify any issues and take care of them before they become more serious.

*   Children get in the habit of good oral care at a young age, which will carry into their adulthood.
*   Pediatric dentistry Haymarket VA
*   can help to prevent cavities in baby and adult teeth.
  If teeth aren’t forming or coming in properly, the dentist can offer many different treatments, including braces.

When children aren’t used to going to the dentist, it can be a scary experience for them. The younger they are when they start having regular dental check-ups, the better, as they will be used to the process. When taking babies and toddlers to the dentist, parents are asked to stay with their children during the visit. That way, they can soothe children when they are scared, help to keep them still, and talk to the dentist about proper oral care for the whole family.

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