Eliminate Oral Pain With Help From Your Dentist

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Dentist

The body can experience a lot of pain, but some of the worst and most distracting is a toothache. The toothache starts out as a little dark spot on a tooth where decay has set in. It might be the result of too many sweets or simply bad oral hygiene. No matter how it starts, the decay begins to spread and eventually results in caries, also known as cavities. Most people don’t realize that a cavity exists until it gets to the point where they experience pain. Pain from a cavity comes from two different places. The most common occurs when the root is exposed. This allows food, drink and air to contact the nerve resulting in pain.

The other source of pain comes from infection. Infection sets into the gum and surrounding tissue and can result in fever. Your Dentist will need to start antibiotic treatments before beginning any treatment for the actual cavity. This removes the possibility of a worse infection occurring in the jaw. If the cavity is caught soon enough then the dentist will be able to treat the problem by removing the decaying dentin and filling the tooth. However, if the tooth is in very bad shape then they may suggest either a root canal or an implant.

A root canal removes the root pulp including the nerve. This leaves a shell that the dentist can fill and crown. The end result is a tooth that fits the original space. The alternative is to pull the tooth and place an implant. An implant uses an inert material such as titanium for the stud. The Dentist will implant the stud into your jawbone. After the wound has been allowed to heal the dentist will place a crown over the stud. Implants offer a durable alternative to several dental treatments.

Not all dental procedures are used to repair decayed teeth. For instance, the use of veneers is an excellent way to cover visible problems like severe stains or crooked teeth. Some procedures are considered preventative maintenance. Dental cleaning is one of those. Cleaning your teeth is important to ensuring they last your entire life. Your dentist’s will remove built up plaque and tarter so you smile looks great. For more information, please contact Joseph A. Schell D.D.S. S.C

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