Emergency Dental Care: The Dentist In Mississauga

Dental emergencies can be serious and should always be treated by a dentist immediately. If not addressed, further problems may develop and cause more pain, further damage and cost more money to resolve in the future. Always notify your Family Dentist when a tooth is broken or chipped, a filling becomes dislodged or a tooth gets knocked out. Find out more about the signs and symptoms of an Emergency Dental Care from expert dentists Dallas.

A Lost Filling

Once a filling falls out of the tooth, the nerve endings may become exposed and cause severe pain from food, beverages and even breathing. As a temporary measure, insert a temp dental material or a chewed piece of sugarless gum into the cavity. Never apply an aspirin to the tooth under any circumstances because it may damage the nerve supply further. See your Emergency Dentist immediately.

Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

Accidents happen and occasionally a tooth gets knocked out of the socket. First, retrieve the tooth by the top (the crown) and rinse with warm water. Do not touch or scrub the bottom or root of the tooth. The fine fragments clinging to the tooth are important to the re-implantation of the tooth. Try to insert the tooth back into the socket and ensure it is in the correct position. If you cannot return the tooth in the mouth, place it in a bag of milk or filtered water and immediately see your dentist. A knocked out tooth may successfully be saved if it is restored to the socket within one hour.

An Abscess

An abscess can occur anywhere in the mouth with the most common area at the bottom of the tooth near the root. A pimple may develop on the gum that drains pus and it is sore or painful to the touch. An abscess is a severe infection that may damage the gums, teeth or spread to the neck or brain. Immediately notify your dentist that you have may have an abscess as soon as possible.

Emergency Treatment: dentist Mississauga

Ensure your dental health and report any signs or symptoms of infection to your dentist. Any delay may cause more pain and cost more money to fix the problem. Consult your dentist whenever in doubt and care for your health by being prudent and smart.

For more information about Emergency Dental Care and when they are necessary, a person can visit Roseborough Dental today.

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