Facts About Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Sparks NV

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Dental care

Logic dictates that the larger the teeth, the greater the chances of a person seeing his or her teeth overlap. It is wrong to think that a person’s wisdom teeth will grow back after extraction. Unfortunately, it is wrong to hope to prevent duplication of anterior teeth with the early removal of wisdom teeth. To replace crowded teeth, people must consider orthodontics. To learn more about Tooth Extraction in Sparks NV, continue reading.

Does the failure to properly extract wisdom teeth damage other teeth? Unfortunately, yes. There are three recurring problems people need to be aware of. The first problem deals with root resorption. This happens when a wisdom tooth is fully included and supported by its neighbor. The wisdom tooth is made up of cells that perforate the bone to help the eruption of said tooth. Sometimes these cells attack the root of the adjacent tooth during its resorption.

The second problem occurs when the wisdom tooth is half included and tilted towards its neighbor. The wisdom tooth is absorbed while the bone behind the penultimate molar begins to mobilize. Sensitivities to hot and cold appear, as well. The third problem deals with the decay of the penultimate molar caused by the inability to properly clean the area.

How much does a Tooth Extraction in Sparks NV cost? This depends on several factors, the more complicated and delicate the procedure, the more expensive it is. Depending on the depth and inclination of the tooth, the price of each tooth may vary. It is, therefore, difficult to answer specifically. People should know that dentists do not choose the price they charge by themselves. All dentists receive a list of universal prices in the area at the beginning of each year. Thus, the price difference between fillings depends on the number of sides involved in the repair and the type of tooth (incisor, premolar or molar).

How much is an extraction of four wisdom teeth with a maxillofacial surgeon? This is essentially the same answer as above, but with more complex cases. To learn more about wisdom teeth extraction, or to inquire about another treatment option, visit today.

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