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by | May 14, 2013 | Dentist

Fear keeps many people away from the dentist. Finding the right dentist to transform your smile from dull to dazzling without pain seems impossible. If you go to the dentist twice a year for check ups then your dentist will find small issues to fix. If you only go to the dentist when a tooth hurts, then every visit is going to be painful. Why put your self through that. The Best Dentist Fargo will help keep your smile healthy.

A few things happen at the dentist’s office when you get a check up. X-rays show the dentist your teeth’s cavities or root issues that can’t be seen just by looking into your mouth. Once done with x-rays you’ll get your teeth cleaned. A cleaning consists of the dentist or a dental assistant cleaning your teeth with a high speed rotating brush and toothpaste. The cleaning instrument sounds like a drill but in reality it is just a hand tool used for many dental procedures, including a teeth cleaning.

After your teeth are cleaned the dentist checks for pockets in your gums and any plaque that may still be on your teeth. If pockets are found between your gums and your teeth you may feel a little discomfort. When the dentist is done examining your teeth he will give you some instructions to help take better care of your teeth, then your bi-yearly visit is complete.
If cavities or root problems were found it’s not the end of the world. Dentists know people don’t like pain. Dentists have come a long way to relieve pain during dental procedures. You have a few options when getting your procedure done.

Before you get to the dentist for your procedure the dentist can prescribe you a muscle relaxer to take the edge off. Depending on the procedure you can have numbing shots or you can ask to be put under gas anesthesia so no pain is felt. Numbing shots are adequate for a tooth filing but it’s not so effective for root canals or a pulled tooth.


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