Fixing Your Smile with Invisalign in Park Ridge

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Dentist

Many of us have had the painful experience of having to wear braces for our teeth when we were teenagers. No doubt most of us remember the teasing and the pain of adjustment. Those metal braces were pretty ugly, and it’s not as if the need for braces has suddenly disappeared. Many children, teenagers, and even a few adults require braces for adjusting the alignment of teeth. Even though it has never been a thing to look forward to, the consequences of not fixing those teeth can be far worse than the experience of braces themselves.

If you’re in a situation where you or one of your children needs braces, you’ll be happy to hear that the technology behind them has actually improved over the years. With the immense teasing that kids often endure due to having to wear ugly metal braces, clinics can now offer a type of teeth alignment system called Invisalign.

Braces That Cannot Be Seen

Invisalign in Park Ridge is just like metal braces in terms of effectiveness, but it attaches to the back of the teeth. This means that the ugly metal brackets and wires we normally associate with having braces are not visible! This is great news for teenagers everywhere who dread the teasing and painful self-awareness associated with visible metal braces. Here are some of the other benefits that they offer.

Invisible braces like this are actually more comfortable because they are custom-fitted to the wearer. Some of them are even mounted on plates that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The fact that the plates can be removed means that the wearer can give not only their teeth a good brush but also the plate. One of the horrors of metal braces was the food getting stuck and trapped under the wires.

Likely one of the biggest advantages of braces like this is the fact that kids and teenagers can keep their self-confidence! Since these braces won’t be seen by the majority of people, the wearer can flash a smile without having to worry about ugly metal brackets and wires ruining their self-esteem.

Eating is also a much more enjoyable experience. The fact that the plate can be removed easily means that the wearer can eat whatever food they want without having to worry about sticky bits, like toffee or candy, getting stuck and potentially ripping off the braces.

Traditional metal braces often left stains on the teeth once they were finally removed because the enamel surrounding the site of adhesion was a different color. This isn’t a problem with invisible braces, because the plate can be removed at any time.

Keep Smiling with Invisible Braces

Orthodontic technology has improved vastly in the last few decades, and teenagers need not fear the curse of the ugly metal braces anymore. Invisalign technology now offers an effective way to realign teeth without a hit to self-confidence. Invisalign in Park Ridge is available to those looking for a great alternative to old school braces.

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