How a Cosmetic Dentist in Upatoi, GA Can Help You Obtain Whiter Teeth

You wake up feeling fantastic! You have a feeling that today is going to be your lucky day. You’re completely prepared for that class presentation, you’re feeling great about that job interview, and you’re excited about that dinner date. Then the mirror brings you a rude awakening.

You’ve been cleaning and brushing, yet the yellowish tint on your teeth persists! What options do you have? Perhaps it’s time to consider teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist in Upatoi, GA.

Different Teeth Whitening Options

Some choose to whiten their teeth at home with an over-the-counter solution or another “do it yourself” whitening chemical. Self-treatment is frequently ineffective, and even when it is, it can take many weeks, if not months, to complete.

Teeth whitening by a Cosmetic Dentist In Upatoi, GA is a popular option for at-home whitening. Dentists will use an intense whitening solution to start a chemical reaction that will provide the desired outcomes in this approach. Although the whitening solution utilized in each practice may differ, the underlying principles are the same.

How a Professional Teeth Whitening Helps

After just one visit for cosmetic dentistry in Upatoi, GA, patients will see a significant improvement in the color of their teeth. Even if numerous sessions are booked, the benefits will usually show up considerably sooner than at-home treatments that utilize weaker solutions.

Dentists may recommend soaking teeth in peroxide for specified periods. However, this is designed to complement, not replace, professional teeth whitening performed in the clinic. Some patients choose to have their teeth whitened with a laser. The dentist utilizes a laser to accelerate the chemical reaction between the compound and the teeth, allowing quicker whitening than previous procedures.

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