How a Dentist in Eagan, MN Helps Replace Missing Teeth

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Dentist

A Dentist in Eagan MN offers a number of options for replacing missing teeth. The best option is based on the patient’s needs as well as a number of other factors. Dental implants are becoming the go-to treatment for a number of reasons, including their stability, strength and longevity. Other treatment options also offer a number of benefits and being educated about what is available is essential.

Fixed Bridge

If there are healthy, strong teeth around the missing tooth, then a fixed bridge can be used by a Dentist in Eagan MN. The bridge may require the surrounding teeth to be cut down or have some of the enamel removed to make room for the prosthetic tooth restoration. The adjacent teeth will provide stability for the fixed bridge.

The limitation of this treatment option is the irreversible preparation of adjacent teeth. This can make the supporting teeth at risk for trauma, increasing the potential for needing a root canal down the road.


Dentures are offered as full or partial replacement options. A Dentist in Eagan MN can determine the right option for a specific patient. Dentures depend on the support from other teeth in the jaw, or from the mechanical support offered by the gums and underlying bone. Full dentures are typically held in place by suction, as well.

Why Tooth Replacement is Necessary

If one of the tooth replacement methods is not implemented soon after a tooth is lost, there are a few issues that may occur. For example, without teeth, the jaw will begin to lose bone mass. This can be prevented and even reversed with the use of dental implants. Also, other teeth in the mouth can begin to drift into the missing tooth’s spot, which may lead to issues with eating and speaking.

Dakota Dental & Implant Center offers additional information about tooth replacement options. Patients in need of these services can click here to learn more. Taking the time to learn about the available options can help patients make the right decision, with the help of their dentist, to correct any missing tooth issue a patient may have.

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