How Does the Emergency Dentist in Leesburg Repair Your Injured Tooth?

by | May 22, 2014 | Dentist

Tooth injuries are something no one wants to go through. Unfortunately, tooth injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. They often occur at the worst times, when you are unable to make a dental appointment and have your tooth repaired. It is important your tooth is repaired as soon as possible. If left untreated, you could continue to experience damage and you could end up losing your tooth. Since tooth injuries often leave you in pain, it is important you see the Emergency Dentist in Leesburg. Through the emergency dentist, you can have your tooth repaired the same day, so you do not have to continue suffering in pain.

What Can You Expect When You Have a Tooth Injury?

*     Cracks are typically easy to repair by the Emergency Dentist in Leesburg. He or she will simply fill in the cracks with a special resin material. This material seals the cracks and helps to prevent further damage. The resin also helps to strengthen your tooth, so you do not have any issues when chewing or biting down. Sealing the cracks can help to prevent you from experiencing pain because of nerve exposure.

*     If a piece of your tooth breaks off, the dentist will smooth down the rough edges of the broken area. While your broken piece cannot be reattached, the dentist can fill the tooth and seal off the damaged area. In some cases, where there is severe breakage, the dentist may decide to cap your tooth with a crown. This will seal the tooth and prevent further damage from occurring. It can also help to protect your tooth, so you do not need a tooth extraction carried out.

*     Even if your tooth is completely knocked out, the Emergency Dentist in Leesburg may still be able to repair the damage. You will need to bring your tooth in a cup of water, so it will not die during transport. The dentist can often place the tooth back into its socket and suture it in, to allow it to heal.

If you have experienced a tooth injury, getting to the dentist is important. To see about your options for treatment, visit Domain. They can offer you a variety of dental services, including a teeth whitening dentist.

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