How to Realign Teeth without Traditional Braces to Obtain a Beautiful Smile

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Dental care

When people hear the word braces, they often think of unsightly and painful metal brackets with wires that everyone will notice. The thought of using conventional braces to correct misaligned teeth can put a person off as they become self-conscious about their looks. Fortunately, a solution is available that will help move teeth into the correct position while remaining virtually invisible to other people. Invisalign in Park Ridge is an innovative technique that uses customized trays to realign a person’s teeth to give them an attractive smile they will be proud to flash at anyone.

Perks of Using Invisalign

  • They are customized aligners that can be removed from the person’s mouth for a few hours each day.
  • Since they are removable there are no special diet or brushing techniques to follow like there is with traditional braces.
  • The process can move the teeth into the correct position in less time than it takes conventional braces.
  • There are no wires or brackets that need to be adjusted making the process less painful on the person.
  • Most of all virtually impossible to see, the person will not suffer a lowered self-esteem when interacting with other people.

Start Today by Consulting a Certified Dentist

The skilled team at Awesome Dentistry can provide the information you need on Invisalign in Park Ridge. A dentist can determine if Invisalign is a good option for you and explain how the process works to help move your teeth into the correct position. Why live with misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite when an alternative solution is available? A comfortable and convenient way to realign teeth to give you a stunning smile can be only a phone call away. Schedule an appointment today to be examined by a certified dentist to find out if you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign. Follow us on twitter.

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