How to Teach Your Kids Proper Oral Care and Hygiene Practices

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Dental care

Parents instill healthy habits in their kids, such as following a proper diet, proper hygiene, and staying active. For example, as a parent, you can promote good oral hygiene with teeth brushing chart, and your little ones stay motivated to brush and floss their teeth daily. Improved oral hygiene keeps cavities and gum disease at bay, and your kids grow up with healthy teeth and gums.

Teaching Them to Brush

Some charts offer a view of the inside of the mouth. And you can use them to show your kids where to start when brushing and flossing. Following the chart, they brush each tooth thoroughly and remove plaque, bacteria, and particles from their teeth and gums.

Rewarding Your Kids Each Day

You can add extra charts to reward your kids each time they brush their teeth. Dental professionals recommend brushing and flossing in the morning and before bedtime. Each time your kid brushes and flosses, you check off that day on the chart, and by the week’s end, you can provide a reward as a form of positive reinforcement. If you

promote good oral hygiene with teeth brushing chart; your child learns how to avoid gum disease and tooth loss throughout their lives.

Get More Worry-Free Checkups

Using these oral hygiene charts helps you track how often your kids brush and floss their teeth. If they complete these tasks every day and night, they reduce their risk of cavities and dental problems, and your kids will get more worry-free checkups.

A family dentist helps parents encourage their kids to brush and floss. While visiting the dentist, parents can get teeth brushing charts and advice about rewarding their kids for maintaining oral hygiene. Contact Naperville Commons Dental about dental services or visit

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