Keep the Dental Visit Comfortable Using Sedation Dentistry

No one enjoys a toothache, but even the worst of pain is not enough to motivate some people to see the dentist. The fear of dental work is a strong motivator for certain people to take excellent care of their teeth, but it is also the primary reason many people let decay set in. Thankfully, there are alternatives to enduring oral pain, and sedation dentistry in Warner Robins, GA is one of them. This aspect of pain control is like the intravenous (IV) method used in hospitals. That is, the dentist will need to be trained in IV placement and the delivery of specific medications.

There are several levels of sedation that the dentist can work with, and the one selected will depend on the patient. Most patients are comfortable with local injections and the use of nitrous oxide. The next step would be the use of a narcotic that puts the patient into a relaxed state. This step allows the dentist and patient to converse while performing the procedure, without the patient feeling any anxiety at all. In many cases, the patient will recall very little about the whole process and will leave the office feeling much better. This step generally uses a pill that is taken before the office visit. This means that the patient will need someone to drive them to the office.

The final level of sedation dentistry uses a narcotic delivered by IV and must be handled by trained dentists. The level of sedation will vary by the procedure to be performed and the anxiety level of the patient. The lowest level of a narcotic can keep the patient relaxed without putting them to sleep. This is useful when the interaction between the dentist and patient is required. A stronger dose may be used if the procedure is difficult or requires extra time. Sedation dentistry often eliminates the memory of the actual procedure and may even speed the whole process a bit. Of course, not all patients are able to use this method of sedation, and it is important that the dentist knows of any issues that may exist such as allergies or medical concerns. Visit Dentistry At Houston Lake to learn more.


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