Locate an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI

While painful, most dental problems don’t require a trip to an emergency dentist in Atlanta, GA. How can you tell if a condition is painful and dangerous? Follow these tips to know when to head in.

Has Your Tooth Broken or Fallen Out?

A baby or adult tooth that chips or breaks often needs immediate dental care. The breakage invites bacteria into your mouth and can lead to pain, infection and serious problems. The same can’t be said for a baby tooth that falls out. Even when this occurs before it’s supposed to, a missing baby tooth generally doesn’t require emergency dental care.

An adult tooth that falls out can often be placed back in the mouth. If this happens, drop the tooth in a glass of milk and take it with you to the dentist. It will likely be reinserted, or your dentist can work on repairing the damage at the site and fitting you for a replacement.

Do You Have Facial Swelling?

Swelling is often the sign of infection. Oral infections can become serious quickly. They can spread to other areas in your face, neck and head, including the brain and glands. Once an infection reaches these points, it can spread throughout the body. It is certainly possible to die of an oral infection that isn’t treated. Not only will a trip to an emergency dentist in Providence RI, help you with pain, it will also prevent the spread of dangerous infection.

Are You Suffering from a Serious Amount of Pain?

Many doctors and dentists try to avoid giving out pain medication because of the number of people who abuse them. It may feel like you are getting accused or drilled for information if you go into an emergency dentist in Atlanta, GA, requesting help through pain medication. This is especially true if you go in requesting a certain kind of medication versus leaving it up to the discretion of the doctor.

However, if you are unable to function because of oral pain, you shouldn’t hesitate to see a dentist. Make your symptoms clear and indicate you need help. Ask the dentist what he or she feels will work best in your situations. Only request something different if you have an allergy to a certain medication. You are not guaranteed specific brands of medication when you visit an emergency dentist in Atlanta, GA. If your behavior seems suspicious, you may wind up leaving without any at all.

Having access to an emergency dentist in Atlanta, GA, is a precious resource. People shouldn’t waste it by forgoing necessary treatments. Neither should they make the experience worse for others by going when they don’t really need it.


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