Maintain Proper Oral Health with Dental Visits in Itasca, IL

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Families know how important oral hygiene is, and a local dental professional can help them address all oral health-related issues. Proper oral care ensures the whole family’s teeth and gums remain healthy. Regular visits to a dentist in Itasca are the best strategy to protect their smiles.

The Importance of Checkups

A dentist in Itasca examines the teeth and gums for issues during checkups. X-rays show if any underlying problems could affect the teeth or gums. Dentists also monitor wisdom teeth, adult teeth, and teeth alignment. If the dentist finds a problem area, they will advise on how to manage it.

Fix Damage Fast

Chips and cracks may require fillings or dental bonding. Dentists can reconstruct damaged teeth and make them look natural. Fast repairs protect patients against tooth loss and further decay.

A dentist may recommend a root canal if a tooth is too damaged. An oral surgeon opens the tooth, removes the pulp and root, and seals the tooth during the procedure. They may add a crown to provide more protection.

Manage Discoloration and Stains

Tooth discoloration happens with age; dentists can provide practical ways to eliminate it. Teeth whitening treatments help with stains and mild discoloration. However, veneers are a more permanent solution to discoloration and stains. Dentists fit the veneers over the front of the tooth enamel and bond them to the patient’s teeth.

Maintaining your oral health with annual checkups is vital. Regular visits for the entire family are necessary and keep the teeth and gums healthier. Contact Brian Homann, DDS, P.C., to set up dental services.

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