Missing Teeth? Ask About Dental Implants in Detroit, MI

People have come to realize that their dental health is an important factor in their overall health. As soon as they move into a new community they search out one of the Family Dentists Detroit, MI practices to keep their teeth, gums, and mouth in the best condition possible. It’s been found that infections that start in the mouth can spread throughout the body and even affect a person’s heart. As people learn this, they embrace the habit of having a professional dental cleaning every six months. That way, small problems can be identified and fixed, before they require major procedures.

However, even the best preventative care can’t prevent the loss of every tooth. Car collisions, sports accidents and simple falls can result in a missing a tooth. This can be a devastating experience, if people lose one of their front teeth. A caring dentist will reassure the patient in the first few minutes that one of the dental implants Detroit, MI procedures will fill the hole in their mouth perfectly. They will have to wait for their gum to heal in the area. But then a realist tooth can be put in place.

The first step will be for the family dentist to insert a titanium shaft into the jaw bone. This should be done as soon as possible after the gum heals, because without the tooth root to support, the jaw bone looses size and density. If the patient waits too long for one of the Dental Implants Detroit, MI procedures the bone might not be able to support the implant. At this point, there is still hope. An oral surgeon can perform a bone graft to augment the jaw bone. After that has healed, the titanium shaft can be implanted. In other cases, especially if a smaller front tooth on the bottom jaw is being replaced, a mini dental implant can be used. This requires less jaw bone because it’s about one-half the size of a regular implant.

Once the titanium shaft is in place and the gum surrounding has healed, the family dentist places a porcelain crown over it. The result is a perfect tooth, that no one will suspect is a replacement tooth. For more information, visit DiPilla Dentistry of Detroit.


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