Options for Implant Dental Care in Brookville PA When Bone Density is Low

Advancements in technology and placement methods for dental implants continue to provide improvements that allow more people than ever to receive this service. Oral surgeons offer this type of Dental Care in Brookville PA, and they can help patients who do not have enough bone density in the jaw to support a traditional implant rod.

Bone Density Issues

Senior citizens may have lost a certain amount of jawbone density over time. Older women are particularly vulnerable to bone density loss because of hormonal changes. People who have smoked or chewed tobacco for many years also tend to have this problem. In fact, active smokers and tobacco chewers must quit before implants are placed because otherwise the failure rate is too high.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a possibility for people who need additional density in the jaw so implants can be effectively supported. The surgeon typically removes a small amount of bone from somewhere else in the patient’s body and then grafts it to the jawbone. This stimulates new cell growth to build onto the graft.

Mini Implants

One of the newer options for patients with lower-density jaws is known as the mini implant. The rod is significantly shorter and smaller in diameter than that of traditional implants, about half the size. They are very secure and durable, but maybe not to the degree that standard implants are. Since these products are relatively new, research has not yet verified how long they will last in various population groups.


Consumers who want this type of dental Care in Brookville PA may need to make decisions related to affordability. Dental insurance typically does not cover the entire cost of implant placement. Bone grafting and traditional implants cost more than the placement of mini implants.

Dentists with an organization such as Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery encourage patients to choose mini implants if they cannot afford the other options. Bridges and full sets of dentures cost less, but they do not maintain bone integrity because there is no bone stimulation during chewing from natural teeth roots or implant rods. Browse Our Website to learn more about this particular clinic.


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