Pediatric Tooth Pain Requires Treatment From a Children’s Dentist in St Peter MN

When a child is in pain, a parent will do anything to help them find relief. Unfortunately, tooth pain can be difficult to overcome, especially for a child who cannot be given strong pain medication. Since tooth pain can sometimes be a sign of a serious oral health condition, it is crucial a parent takes their child to see the Children’s Dentist in St Peter MN. Through prompt dental care, the tooth can be treated, and pain can be relieved.

A cavity is often the reason for tooth pain, but infections and injuries can also cause them. The dentist will first carefully examine the child’s tooth and check the symptoms they are experiencing. If the child is over the age of five or six, the dentist may make the decision to take some X-rays so the cause of the pain can be determined.

If a cavity is present, the dentist will need to fill the tooth. Since dental procedures can sometimes make small children nervous, the dentist will often use laughing gas to ensure the patient is slightly sleepy during the procedure. With numbing medication, no pain or discomfort should be felt.

Once a cavity is filled, the child should no longer feel any pain or discomfort. If a child has an injury, it will need to be repaired, so the progression of damage and pain does not continue.

Prompt treatment for a tooth infection is crucial, so the infection does not spread to other teeth or the gum tissue. In severe cases, antibiotics are needed to ensure the infection is taken care of.
With prompt dental care, a dentist can find the cause of a child’s tooth pain so the right treatment can be put in place. Immediate pain relief can be found in most treatments, and the dentist can advise the parent on helping to keep the pain away.

Those who are in need of a Children’s Dentist in St Peter MN should contact the North Mankato Family Dentistry. They will schedule an appointment to determine what is causing the pain so the right treatment can bring relief. Call the office today to learn more.


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