Preventative Dental Health Care In West Covina

While many of us dread the semi-annual trip to the dentist, we know that the benefits of good oral health outweigh the time and motivation it takes to go visit the dentist.

Preventative oral health starts long before you find yourself sitting in the dentist’s chair under that bright light having your teeth cleaned and inspected. A dentist in West Covina cannot do what it takes to keep your teeth in great condition if you yourself are not taking the time and effort at home to keep yourself healthy.

Regular brushing, flossing, and a healthy balanced diet are believed to play a big role in preventing pain and disease that can come if your oral health is not taken care of. The benefits of preventative care outweigh the small amount of time and effort it takes on your part to stay healthy. Regular personal maintenance of your teeth and gums can prevent costly procedures that would be necessary to reverse the damage that can take place in an uncared-for mouth.

Aside from personal maintenance of your oral health, going to your examinations with your dentist in West Covina regularly can prevent major dental issues. A dentist and his or her dental assistants will perform several routine measures to do their part in preserving your healthy smile.

At each dental examination, your dentist in West Covina will perform a cleaning and flossing which removes unwanted plaque, tartar, and stains that were not removed in your regular personal brushing and flossing routine.

Next, your dentist’s staff will take several x-rays of your mouth which will help them to determine if you have any cavities that need to be filled. X-rays also help your dentist to find any cancerous tumors, or bone loss you may be experiencing. Preventative x-rays are useful as your dentist in West Covina can better see the position of your teeth and gums in your mouth, and evaluate your oral health to see if you are developing gum disease.

Other optional but helpful preventative dental treatments exist to keep your teeth in optimum condition. Many dentists offer fluoride which is believed to strengthen your teeth, and may be fully covered by insurance until you or your children reach a certain age.

Sealants, another preventative measure, are often suggested for patients who have the signs of early forming cavities. These sealants protect teeth from further decay as they fill the gaps where the decay has started to destroy the enamel of the tooth.

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