Prevention of Tooth Decay at the Dentist in Birmingham

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Dentist

Tooth decay is a very common dental condition that can cause a lot of problems for patients living in Birmingham. As cavities begin to form on the tooth, the bacteria and plaque will begin attacking the tooth from cavities. The tooth’s enamel will wear down over time to the point where the nerves will get damaged. If bacteria enters the pulp, a root canal may be necessary. Even if a filling is placed to cover the cavities, the patient may need to deal with the cavity again a few decades later. Fillings do not last forever. When fillings wear down or fall out, other treatments may be needed to keep the tooth. That is why it is best to prevent tooth decay rather than treat it. Fortunately, the dentist in Birmingham works with patients to help prevent tooth decay and other dental conditions.

First of all, effective prevention requires patients to visit the dental office at least twice per year. During the two visits, patients need to get a cleaning and an exam from the dentist in Birmingham. Although normal brushing and flossing at home by the patient is important in preventing tooth decay, it is not possible to remove all of the bacteria and plaque from the mouth. Some of the bacteria and plaque will remain no matter how thorough the home care is. That is why it is necessary for patients to get professional dental cleanings at least twice per year. Those who are more prone to getting tooth decay or gum disease may need to get cleanings three or four times a year.

During the exam at the Anglin & Nelson Dental clinic, the dentist will look for signs of tooth decay as well as other dental conditions. X-ray images of the mouth are taken in order to detect cavities early. Some dentists have additional tools that are designed to search for the earliest signs of tooth decay. In some instances, the dentist can advise patients to change their eating habits or improve their home care so that cavities do not form. That is how the dentist in Birmingham can help patients prevent tooth decay.




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