Questions To Ask Your Pediatric Dentist To Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Dentist

If you have a child that needs to visit the dentist, you may have uncertainties about how to provide your child with the proper oral health he needs. However, a pediatric dentist in Oakton VA can assist you in seeing to your child’s oral health. How, though, do you work with your pediatric dentist to guarantee your child gets the help he needs? Fortunately, there are questions you can ask a pediatric dentist to discover the best course of action for your child.

One question you might want to ask a pediatric dentist in Oakton VA is: How soon should I bring my child in for a check-up? Most pediatric dentists will recommend that your child visit the dentist by the age of one. However, general dentists often recommend that you bring your child in for a check-up at a later age. To determine the age your child should begin visiting the dentist, consult with your pediatric dentist.

You may also want to ask your dentist: How often should I bring my child in for a check-up? Most pediatric dentists will recommend that you bring your child in for a check-up once every six months. However, your dentist will determine how frequently your child should come in for check-ups and consult with you accordingly.

When visiting with a pediatric dentist in Oakton VA, you may want to ask: Will my child need x-rays and how frequently will he receive them? Many parents are concerned about having their children’s teeth x-rayed. However, the risk posed to your child is extremely minimal, and dental professionals will take every precaution to ensure your child’s safety. Also, the benefits of dental x-rays far outweigh the risks. An x-ray can detect cavities or any other problems better than an oral exam alone can. You will likely want to take advantage of the x-rays offered at your pediatric dentist’s office. The frequency with which your child receives x-rays, however, will be determined by your dentist. Though some pediatric dentists suggest that your child has an x-ray every six months, others may suggest that your child have an x-ray annually.

Finally, you may want to ask your pediatric dentist: What can I do at home to ensure that my child receives proper oral health? Though it is important for your child to see a dentist regularly, what you do at home is often more important, or equally important, in making sure that your child has good oral health. Your dentist can give you tips for helping your child brush and floss and suggest which foods your child should avoid or eat sparingly. Also, your dentist may give you additional advice regarding the use of bottles and pacifiers and such.

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