Rention Smile Dentistry: Tips for Dental Care When Pregnant

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Dental care

Many women don’t give much thought to their dental care when they are pregnant, but the professionals at Renton Smile Dentistry can tell you that it is important, not only to your health, but your babies as well. It is extremely important for you to take care of your teeth before, during, and after pregnancy, but especially during. A pregnancy releases hormones that can cause gum disease, and affect your unborn baby’s health. Read on for some tips on how to get proper dental care when you are pregnant.

Before You get Pregnant

If at all possible, you will want to make a dental appointment before you get pregnant. This way you can have your teeth cleaned, an inspection of your gums, and if you have any dental problems, they can be fixed then, instead of after the pregnancy begins.

During the Pregnancy

The first thing you will want to do is tell your dentist at Dentistry in Renton, that you are pregnant. As a precaution, dental treatments should be avoided as much as possible, during the first trimester, and the second half of the third trimester, for the health of the baby. Some procedures can do harm to the unborn fetus at these times. The professionals at Renton Smile Dentistry at Dentistry, can tell you more about this if you have any questions.

You do not want to skip your regular checkups just because you are pregnant. It is more important than ever before to keep your teeth cleaned, and checked for dental problems. You do want to avoid having any type of x-rays while you are expecting however, so make sure that your dentist knows you are.

After the Pregnancy

If you experienced any gum problems at all during your pregnancy, you need to make an appointment with your dentist at Impressions Dentistry, as soon as the baby is born. You don’t want to wait around, as treatment should begin right away. Make sure that you practice good oral hygiene, and avoid sugary snacks, for both your health, and the baby’s that you carry. You will both feel better for it.

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