Renton Smile Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile and Dental Health

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Dental care

Part of having good overall health includes receiving dental treatments from a dental care practitioner such as a general dentist or orthodontist. Preventive Renton Smile Dentistry, restorative Renton Smile Dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are all forms of oral care that can enhance your smile and add value or your health. One dental practice to look into for oral care is Impressions Dentistry. Their staff can handle tooth whitening, tooth restoration, root canals, and many other dental issues.

Dentistry is the branch of science that deals with studying teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth. These plus the areas surrounding the mouth are checked for signs of disease and decay. A dental care practitioner will use his knowledge and experience to help stop the progression of any existing diseases. He will also use procedures to prevent diseases from occurring. A general dentist often works with a support staff that consists of a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, and office staff. By working jointly with this staff, a dentist will perform a thorough inspection of a patient’s mouth.

When a dentist is assessing the general condition of a patient’s mouth, he will use dental instruments to examine teeth, gums, and associated oral structures. He will also use these instruments to restore and manipulate teeth and gums to a desired condition. One of these basic instruments is a mouth mirror. This round device helps a dentist reflect light and view areas in a mouth that are hard to see. Another instrument a dentist uses is a dental explorer, or a sickle probe. This dental tool has a hook with a sharp point at the end used to find signs of tooth decay. Other useful dental tools include a mouth prop, a cheek retractor, and a dental mirror.

A professional performing oral care will use the above-mentioned dental tools to explore teeth and gums using a methodical approach. He may even order x-rays to get a better view of the internal parts of teeth. A dentist may also test for oral cancer using various methods. For further information, please Contact Dentists at Dentistry.

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