Revamp Your Smile With One of These Cosmetic Treatments

Life is going to take its toll on your teeth, and there may come a point when you look in the mirror and realize that you are no longer happy with the appearance of your smile. While many oral health issues can be devastating, our team of cosmetic dentists in Lincoln Park are ready to help you create the world-class smile of your dreams. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular cosmetic treatments that we offer.

Practically everyone is going to deal with stained teeth at some point over the years, and over-the-counter whitening systems aren’t as effective as most people think. With our advanced whitening products, we can brighten your smile by multiple shades in a single visit. As an added bonus, you should be able to maintain the results for well over six months with the proper aftercare.

A misaligned smile is another common issue that many of our patients struggle with. Traditional braces are a great option for realigning a smile, but some people believe that those devices are unsightly and difficult to care for. That is why we offer our patients the advanced restorative devices known as Invisalign aligners. Your Invisalign trays are going to be nearly invisible once they are in your mouth, and you can easily take them out at any time.

If you have recently lost a permanent tooth, then you should contact our cosmetic dentists in Lincoln Park to discuss dental implants. A dental implant is a false tooth that is attached to a titanium rod, and that rod is embedded deep into the jaw. Once these restorative devices are in place, they look and feel just like real teeth.

We invite you to head over to our website at or stop by the Chicago Smile Design offices to learn more about any of the treatments that we have to offer.


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